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One Room Challenge // Transitional Master Bedroom :: Week Three

Starting Week Three of the One Room Challenge! This means I have been officially blogging for 3 weeks - talk about commitment!
I will always begin the ORC posts by thanking Linda, with Calling It Home, for hosting this event and allowing experts, beginners, and everyone in between an opportunity to share their style and passion.
So let's get to the good stuff, by starting with the ugly...
The loveseat is delayed, hoping to have it delivered next week. I told my upholsterer to take his time, because with my experience with reupholstering, no good work is produced under time pressure. A little tip, always give your upholsterers some wiggle room. It's one of the hardest jobs ever. I know first hand.
The shower doors that rent a corner space in the bedroom were not installed last Friday, they had to reschedule, and are coming tomorrow. Very much ready for these to be out of the way.
The good news...
The bed arrived and it is so amazing. I am so pleased, and that is no easy task. Being new to this ORC and before/after pics, I was so anxious to reupholster the headboard piece to the canopy bed that I forgot to take a before pic (I know, I'm so disappointed). While the chrome detail of the bed is beautiful, polished, and sturdy, the original headboard piece was poorly tufted, padded, had exposed stitching, and was a very cheap synthetic linen, all around horrific, without sounding too dramatic. Before I purchased the bed I studied the assembly instructions to make sure this piece could be reupholstered and it worked out beautifully. I recovered it in an off white bouclé fabric by S. Harris (see below iPhone pics & very unmade bed). I am so pleased with the result. My bed looks like I paid $3,000+ and I only spent $850.
This above pic gives the "before" a chance, but this was not the case in reality...not in the least bit.
Above is the after with additional padding and reupholstered. I am loving the combination of the textured fabric with chrome. It's a great transitional balance. 
So impressed by the quality of the chrome rails of this bed.
I ordered this pair of mirrors from CB2 for above the bedside chests. They are very basic and exactly what I wanted. They should arrive next week.
I ordered this acrylic chair for the desk off Amazon, it will arrive Monday via Prime. Sidenote :: is Prime not the best thing ever? I'm just now starting the dash buttons and using the echo & dot - needless to say, they are my new best friends. 
Also ordered the zebra cow hide, although I am not sure if I will use it. I am quickly realizing there is ALOT going on and my mom always taught me "less is more".
For the draperies, I am going with an off white linen that coordinates with the bouclé. I also found a wide tape for the leading edge via Stroheim (my favorite source for tape trim). I plan on having my workroom make these this week! I have also been exploring the idea of lucite drapery rods - will let you know where I get with this idea next week!
I've decided to include my bathroom in this ORC process, nothing HUGE, just incorporating an antique french petite bench, that was in my mom's vanity area growing up. I'm also wanting to add art, lucite towel bars and hooks, etc.
Here is a sneak peek of the bench and it's new look...
(also, don't hold me to this addition - I'm feeling a tiny boost of confidence this week)
Lighting is still up in the air. I can't decide between lamps or sconces. I am hoping to have this figured out by the time I report back next week!
I have all of the Little Design Co. pillows (shameless plug) for the bed complete but I am leaving those a surprise. It's something I've never done before and I have never been more excited to share!
Well, that pretty much wraps up the past week. I want to thank you from the bottom of my amateur blogging heart for following along. To the @littledesignco instragram followers - y'all are the best. Thank you for your daily messages and encouragement - it keeps me going and I am so grateful to have such a kind and supporting community! I can't wait to show you more. My intention is to knock your socks off. 
Just for fun, here is our bedroom when we first moved into our home, almost three years ago. Nothing like white paint, hardwoods, and a treadmill to do the trick...
In a few weeks there will be a third image, following this "before" and "during", that I hope will be worth this entire process, blog, and your time that it takes out of your day to read/follow.
Checkout these One Room Challenge pros and their amazing transformations...they know what they're doing and I'm just over here drooling & taking notes.


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  • Jana Bek on

    EEK, cannot wait to see your gorgeous bed, and that bench is of course fabulous! Cannot wait for your reveal!

  • Joan on

    That bed is a show-stopper. I love all your choices, and want to steal that emerald sofa. Good luck! It’s going to be so beautiful when you’re done.

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